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0173-4107 643


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About Dragon Bean Roastery

We create Dragon Bean Roastery as we are passionate for coffee.

Getting to know more about coffee lands and coffee farmers urge us to discover what is amazing after every cup of coffee we drink every day.

With the coffee we roast, we support the sustainable value chain “from farm-to-cup” and innovations from coffee farmers in quality improvement, minimize negative impacts on the environment, improving their livelihood.

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Why "Dragon Bean Roastery"?

Dragon is a creature which appears in many cultures from Asia to Europe

Dragon has a vivid expression in Vietnamese mind

In Vietnamese culture Dragons are believed to be a mascot that brings good luck, prosperity, and wisdom.

In Vietnamese´s folklore, Dragon is a symbol of harmonized weather and that is also our wish to coffee farmers – who are working hard, dedicate their whole life in the farm to bring out the best coffee for people with the belief that it will help to change their lives and also their children's future.

Coffee appears in everyday life

Coffee is a drink for awake, energy, refreshing and relaxing

When we bring two images Dragon and Coffee together, we would like to express positive energy in life for our customers through all their daily cup.





Which coffee Dragon Bean Roastery will roast?

Vietnam specialty coffee

Vietnam is my motherland and will be the first country we have “direct trade” with. The first order for green bean from Vietnam will come to germany in February 2020, due to season 2019/2020.

Since Vietnam appears in the world coffee map and then becomes 2nd worldwide producer, and coffee are grown in more than 20 provinces from the North to the South - Vietnam coffee is still an unnamed giant.

Sadly, because of large-scale production for commercial market, for a long time Vietnam coffee quality is cover by grey gloomy picture from negative words of no taste, flat, woody, rubber.

But it is not the whole picture and is true for every coffee farm from the North to the South of Vietnam. We want to talk about another bright picture of Vietnam coffee, with every farmers we have chance to meet and cooperate with.

Developing Dragon Bean Roastery we are proud to introduce to everybody about unique features of Vietnam single-origin coffee.




Our favourite coffee collection from other coffee lands such as

  • Ethiopia
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Rwanda



1.2 Our farmers – partners in Vietnam

* Mr Toi Nguyen – Future Farm

Bao Loc district – Lam Dong province (foto folder 4.1)

Farm size: 5 ha

Altitude: 800 - 1100 masl


  • Mrs Ngoc Nguyen – Mori Farm (folder 4.2)

Mang Den district – Kon Tum province

Farm size: 30 ha

Altitude: 1000- 1200 masl

  • Mr Duy Ho – The Married Bean cooperative (folder 4.3)

Da Lat city – Lam Dong province

Farm size: 50 ha

Altitude: 1200- 1650 masl