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Dragon Bean Roastery Thailand - Doi Chang (limited) Tropical fruit, slightly nutty.. Product #: doiChang Regular price: 7.01‎€ 7.01‎€

Thailand - Doi Chang (limited)

Thailand - Doi Chang (limited)

Produkt-Code: doiChang
Gewicht: 250.00g


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Around the hills of the Doi Chang mountains in Chiang Rai province, where mainly Akha Hilltribes have found their home, several small to medium-sized villages are settled.

Our cooperative consists of an association of 65 coffee farmer families and one family who runs the cooperative, takes care of everything from the harvest to the sale of the beans and is also our primary contact person.

Due to the fact that the individual coffee farmers own medium-sized plantations (approx. 2 hectares with up to 4,000 kg of raw beans per season per family), we can purchase the largest quantities of green coffee from this cooperative from all our partners. We deliberately do not choose larger cooperatives, as we believe that with this size the best quality, fair payment for all employees, open and friendly contact with all parties involved is still easy to manage and implement.

A small part of the harvest is made up of the so-called "peaberry" bean, which is often said to bring a special taste to the cups. Not as usual two beans are in a coffee cherry, but in this case only one oval, round bean, which makes up about 5% of the total harvest and is specially sorted out by hand.

Apart from picking only ripe coffee cherries by hand and the later final manual sorting, more "advanced" tools are used here, such as flowing fermentation tanks, flumes, machines for sorting the beans by size and colour, and specially designed warehouses.

A special feature is also that the cooperative has defined its own quality system, comprising 48 steps, which is the daily way of thinking for every employee. This starts with the cultivation of the bushes, continues with the way of harvesting, the preparation with high cleanliness standards, the bean drying, up to the sorting and storage and the implementation of measures for future harvests.

As with all our producers, the village and its mountain slopes have not been planted with huge coffee plantations in the past, but rather the existing forest system has been used sensibly and a unit of various shade-giving trees has been formed together with the coffee bushes. Already cleared land was mostly reforested with fruit trees and later the coffee was integrated. In addition to all the aspects mentioned above, the relatively high location of the mountain slopes (most of them between 1,500m - 1,700m) and the mild climate with little temperature variation are a cornerstone for the high quality of this coffee.

For about 15 years now, this cooperative has been a closed unit, in which each individual is fully committed and passionate about his or her work, and each one of them has his or her hands on the other, which is ultimately noticeable in the taste of the coffee, which can also be tasted directly on site, because the final step of roasting a small part of the raw beans themselves, selling them locally and, of course, enjoying them themselves was also realised some time ago.

Source: mystichilltribe.com

Region Chiang Rai
Farm name / Cooperative Mystic Hilltribe
Varieties Yellow Catuai + Catimor
Altitude 1.300 - 1700 masl
Processing washed
Roasting profile
Roasting degree medium/dark roast
Notes of tropical fruit, slightly nutty
Date of roasting on the label
Expired date on the label
Enjoyable recommendation Filterkaffeemaschine, V60, Chemex, French - Press