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Dragon Bean Roastery Villa Rica PeruOrganic and FairtradeButterscotch, Plum, Vanilla.. Product #: villaRica Regular price: 5.24‎€ 5.24‎€

Villa Rica

Villa Rica

Product Code: villaRica
Weight: 250.00g


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Whole bean
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The Yanesha people come from one of the least explored and most remote areas in the world. For centuries, they practiced sustainable agriculture in the narrow valleys of Peru’s Amazon region and were self-sustaining, through a balance of agriculture, fishing and hunting. Eventually, outside influences led them to make changes — including transitioning to coffee from only short-term crops such as chilis and fruits.

For decades now, they’ve worked to balance their need to nurture and protect their indigenous culture (through festivals, artisan crafts and traditions such as maintaining a village shaman), with the culturally diluting impacts of engaging with the larger world.

A number of organizations have worked with the Yanesha to help them develop nurseries and find a sustainable and profitable lifestyle between these worlds they inhabit.

The Villa Rica district in the department of Pasco has been dedicated to coffee cultivation for several decades. More than 85 percent of its population represents the meeting point of three cultures: the native Yanesha people, Andean settlers and Austro-German settlers — and is now passionate about coffee cultivation.

The Asociacion de Productores Sostenibles Yanesha (APSY) has a membership of 32 producers, 55 percent of whom are women. They united to create this coffee, invest in their village and proudly represent the Yanesha name.

Region Villa Rica, Oxapampa, Pasco
Farm name / Cooperative Yanesha people
Varieties Catuai, Tipica, Catimor, Bourbon
Altitude 1.550 - 1.850 masl
Processing Washed
Certificates Organic and Fairtrade
Country Peru
Roasting profile
Roasting degree dark roast
Notes of Butterscotch, Plum, Vanilla
Date of roasting on the label
Expired date on the label
Enjoyable recommendation Hand filter; espresso machine; French - press system

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