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Dragon Bean Roastery Karlstal Mischung No 1 floweryOrange-fruity sweetEspresso machine.. Product #: KarlstalMischungNo1 Regular price: 7.01‎€ 7.01‎€

Karlstal Mischung No 1

Karlstal Mischung No 1

Produkt-Code: KarlstalMischungNo1
Gewicht: 250.00g


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The Dragon Bean Roastery - Trippstadter Kaffeerösterei is located in Trippstadt - a wonderful destination for all nature lovers and hikers from all over Germany - and lies in the biosphere reserve Pfälzerwald-Norrdvogesen. Here we possess such a unique treasure, the Karlstal, which is known far beyond the borders of the region.


The so-called Karlstal Gorge, a nature reserve, is about three kilometres long and is certainly the most interesting part of the Moosalbe in this area. Here the Moosalbe flows through a rocky gorge formed by the red sandstone. Numerous small falls of the watercourse create a lovely background noise to the near-natural surroundings. The rare brook lampreys can be found in the water, while the kingfisher and the water ouzel patrol the water, both also typical inhabitants of clean brooks.
The Karlstal is very idyllic and an attractive destination for excursions at any time of the year. In spring, the light green of the sprouting beech leaves dominates, in summer it is always pleasantly shady and cool compared to the hot surroundings, in autumn the fall of leaves bathes the whole valley in a warm brown and in frosty weather the icicles on the banks of the moss ointment are an absolute eye-catcher.


This is the reason why the Karlstal-Mischung was born, inspired by the beauties of the Karlstal, of which we are proud and look forward to living in this beautiful nature every day.

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Region Ethiopia, Costa Rica
Varieties Blend 100% Arabica
Roasting profile
Roasting degree middle / dark
Notes of flowery, orange - fruity sweet
Date of roasting on the label
Expired date on the label
Enjoyable recommendation Espresso machine