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Dragon Bean Roastery Minas Gerais BrazilChocolate, spicy charactersEspresso machine; Filter coffee machine.. Product #: minasGerais Regular price: 4.67‎€ 4.67‎€

Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais

Produkt-Code: minasGerais
Gewicht: 250.00g


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Brazil coffee dominates the coffee world by its huge productivity which accounted for 35 % percentage of world market with about 300,000 farms across the country, ranging in size from half a hectare to more than 10,000 ha. ( Anette Moldvaer, 2014).

Due to long history in coffee growth and development, Brazil has the oldest agricultural research center for coffee in the world – Agronomic institute of Campinas (IAC). This research center plays very important role and make powerful influence over the development of coffee in Brazil and also the world with researches on cultivation, mechanization, drought resistance, soil health, and much more.

Region Municipality Patrocínio Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Farm name / Cooperative Fazenda Dona Nenem Miaki Family
Varieties Yellow Bourbon
Altitude 1.050 – 1.250 masl
Processing Pulped natural
Country Brazil
Roasting profile
Roasting degree Medium roast
Notes of Chocolate, spicy characters
Date of roasting on the label
Expired date on the label
Enjoyable recommendation Espresso machine; Filter coffee machine